Course Structure

GSERM is structured in different modules. Participants select one course per week as these courses are taught concurrently.

GSERM courses are awarded 4 ECTS credits if exams/homework are successfully passed.

GSERM courses are divided into different levels: basic, intermediate, advanced and research. Please pay careful attention to indicated levels in the course directory. Courses on research level (PEF-courses) are especially designed for PhD students in Economics with substantial background in quantitative methods.
If you successfully pass the exam you will receive an official University of St. Gallen transcript about 10 weeks after the exam. If you do not take the exam you may send us a request for a participation certificate.


Workshop lectures (only at GSERM St. Gallen Summer School)

As a special service to our participants at GSERM St. Gallen we offer 3 new workshop lectures free of charge. The attendance of all 3 courses (Regression, Applied Maths / Statistics with R) is possible as they are taught in the morning, afternoon and late afternoon. Workshop lectures can be selected optionally, but only in combination with at least one regular GSERM course.