GSERM Medellin



Medellín is a dynamic metropolis that has undergone a cultural, social, and economic transformation in recent years.

Colombia’s second city both economically and in terms of number of inhabitants, is located at 1,538 meters (5,046 feet) above sea level, boasts a temperate climate with year-round temperatures ranging from between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius (64 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit), and has a history dating back nearly 340 years. The Medellín metropolitan area, which comprises 10 municipalities located in the Aburrá Valley, currently is home to roughly 3,800,000 people.

This urban conglomerate in northwestern Colombia (nestled amid the Andes’ Cordillera Central range) hosts world-class events such as the Flower Festival, the International Poetry Festival, the Medellín Book and Culture Festival, Colombiamoda, and Colombiatex.



EAFIT is a university with 57 years of history that inspires the current generations to embark on a life project that maximizes their potential. An institution that both conveys and generates knowledge, thus fulfilling its role as a teaching and research university. A place that transforms society.


EAFIT currently offers 22 undergraduate degree programs, nearly 50 graduate certificate programs, 34 master’s degree programs, and 6 doctorate programs in the schools of Management, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Economics and Finance, and Sciences, and It has been recognized in three times with the Institutional Accreditation conferred by the National Education Ministry MEN. (2003, 2010 and 2018).


Research-backed teaching is a focal point of the institution’s road map, in so far as the goal is to not only convey but also generate knowledge. In that regard, the budget allocated to this area has been maintained and enabled EAFIT to achieve a range of objectives, including recognition by Colciencias of 41 research groups, the registration of 37 patents, and the participation of more than 1,170 students in research incubators.


The institution’s reach also extends to other publics and in other parts of Colombia like EAFIT Bogotá, EAFIT Pereira, and EAFIT Llanogrande.  All of these processes take place on a campus where the built infrastructure coexists with different species of flora and fauna to make a university-park equipped with cutting-edge technology.


Music, literature, dance, theater, film cycles, exhibitions, and other artistic manifestations make up a cultural agenda that permeates all parts of campus, enables the formation of groups with shared interests, and fosters the organization’s reach and impact both externally and internally.


And it is in this context, in which the university strives to give back all it has received from society, that its social responsibility efforts are infused with a greater sense of purpose. With these strategic commitments in mind, EAFIT is firm in its promise to inspire, create, transform