Global School in Empirical Research Methods

The GSERM Global School in Empirical Research Methods is a high-calibre integrated generic programme on methodology launched by the University of St. Gallen.

We not only welcome master and PhD students, postdocs, and graduate students from all kinds of study fields, but also professionals working outside of academia. You enhance your skills in block seminars taught by world-class faculty amongst an international crowd of participants.

At two different locations in Europe we offer courses in quantitative and qualitative statistics. Participants choose one course per week (24 contact hours) worth 4 ECTS, network with fellow researchers, and enjoy an interesting cultural programme.

Courses are offered from basic up to research level. Accommodation is offered and can be booked at an additional cost. All courses are taught in English.

Co-Operation with ICPSR

A comprehensive understanding of research methodology is a crucial prerequisite for a successful career in academia. Our two programmes equip doctoral students with advanced methodological skills that will empower them to conduct cutting-edge academic research.

As directors of these programmes, we ensure that all courses are taught at the highest level, in terms of both content and delivery. We would be delighted to welcome you in one (or both) of our programmes.

Prof. Dr. Saundra K. Schneider

Director, ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

University of Michigan, USA

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann

Academic Director, GSERM Global School in Empirical Research Methods

University of St.Gallen, Switzerland